Private Coaching

Judith offers private coaching for individuals, couples and families for divorce adjustment, children’s behavior, emotional regulation and development; positive discipline, brain development; safety and supervision, etc.

Is there an issue you want to explore in-depth, and/or privately, relating to your unique family and situation?  

Such as:

  • Communicating with your child’s other parent
  • Creating effective emails and texts; and common traps to avoid online
  • Supporting your child through family changes
  • Creating a peaceful second home for your child/ren
  • Keeping your children safe
  • The pre-teen and teen brain
  • Parenting issues such as behavior, discipline, routines, limits, development, emotions

Do you and your co-parent want to work on specific communication issues together?

  • How to make the family changes easier on the children
  • Ground-rules for communicating about the children
  • Transitioning the children peacefully
  • Routines between homes
  • Safety concerns
  • Parenting plan issues/adjustments
  • Preteens and teens
  • After Court:  Where do we start?/ Staying out of Court

Judith offers one-on-one parent coaching* individually or jointly, remotely.  

Coaching Fees: 

  • One-hour session: $90
  • Four sessions:  $300

* The parent coaching does not constitute counseling or legal advice.

Judith Swinney

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