Common Co-Parenting Concerns

kids together

Co-parenting can be challenging. The Parenting Beyond Conflict class addresses the following issues often faced by recently separated/divorced parents:

  1. How can I support my kids through the process of separation/divorce?
  2. What can I do to keep the children out of the middle of adult issues/conflicts?
  3. I keep losing my temper when texting my ex…what are some better ways to communicate?
  4. Do my kids really need me?
  5. How do I work with a crazy Ex?
  6. What helps and hurts kids in divorce?
  7. What are some resources that can help me and my kids get through all this?
  8. What to tell my kids about the divorce?
  9. I don’t have much time with my kids now….how to make the most of it?
  10. What if my child refuses to go, or come to my home?
  11. I feel constantly attacked by my ex…what to do?
  12. My child’s other parent has never been involved…
  13. My ex badmouths me in front of the children…
  14. How long should I wait before introducing my new honey to my children?
  15. How can I make drop-offs and pick-ups better for us all? Whether I am ‘sending’ or ‘receiving’?