Clients and colleagues share their experience in working with Judith:

Very Empowering!

You took the time to answer all my questions, as they related to my family and me, and helped get us to where we needed to be. I appreciate the many tools and examples you gave me, to be a better man, a better father, a better co-parent, and to help get myself through challenging situations with confidence, knowing that I’m taking the high-road and the right steps towards a positive outcome. It has made be a better example and stronger rock for my children and I feel their appreciation for that now. As one of my friends described it best, when I was bragging about the class, “Wow, that seems very empowering!” And, it has been!

It has been one year since taking your course and everything has gone so wonderful! Thank you again for everything! My family will forever be very grateful.

Four years later, the techniques I learned from Ms. Swinney’s class are still rewarding and helpful in connecting and resolving with others, in the most healthy and positive ways. I am so thankful, because these powerful and effective tools will always be there for me.”

Rob E.

Her Class Works Miracles

“Judith Swinney is a fantastic parent educator, coach and supervisor. Her high conflict class works miracles with parents struggling to raise their children in separate homes. I refer my Parting Waters Mediation clients to her with great confidence.”

Linda Scher

Judith is knowledgeable, personable, professional, committed, skilled.

“I have co-taught  with Judith the court-mandated Parent Education Classes for Divorcing Parents in two counties for over 20 years. Through these classes we have reached over 20,000 parents with a message that divorce does not cause long-term problems for children, but how parents handle it can. And the feedback she has gotten from a “mandated audience” is consistently that people feel seen, heard, understood with their challenges and leave with very concrete steps they can and do take to help their children. As an adoptive parent of 8 children, a former marital counselor, and currently responsible for one of the largest youth-serving agencies in Oregon/Washington, I know that Judith is knowledgeable, personable, professional, committed, skilled, and yet very personal in her approach. She is always open to feedback and new information, and I have come to consider her a “treasure” for our community and for any of you who get the opportunity to work with her–you will be glad you did.”


Those who take her class speak highly of it.

“I have known Judith Swinney for many, many years. I most like her as a parenting supervisor because she is sensitive to the qualities of the parents and children with whom she is dealing. She sets rules for conduct and gently, but firmly, urges compliance. This work on-the-ground has also made her an excellent parenting educator, and those who take her class speak highly of it.”

Jack Lundeen

Judith is a standout. 

“In my more than 40 years working in the human services field, Judith is a standout. I have worked with her for the past seven years. She has a remarkable sense of dedication towards those she works for. Add to that her strong work ethic and her deep knowledge of how to help families navigate through the confusion and emotions that are often part of intense transitions. I would recommend Judith without hesitation. She has a good heart.”

Michael Leavitt

You got us to really stop and think..gave us great tools.

“I’m going to work very hard to change the verbiage I use around my kids when I am discussing my co-parent. I will work on not using the kids as messengers, and go directly to my co-parent.”

-N.L., Class Participant