Class FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the class logistics:

  1. Do I have to take the class with my ex?

No, it is not necessary. For some folks it would be helpful; for others, not. If there is a current restraining order or no-contact order in place, parents must attend separate classes.

  1. What if my Ex doesn’t take the class?  

There is still much value in your taking the class whether or not s/he does. It is ideal when both parents get the same information, but the class can make a difference to you as an individual parent.

  1. Can my new spouse/partner or family member attend the class with me?

Yes, they are welcome, and it can be helpful when they hear the same information. They can be an additional source of support when they are familiar with the concepts in the class. Your guest can attend for half price.

  1. Can I attend the class even if a judge or attorney did not refer me?

Yes, while many parents are referred by the court or family law professional, other parents hear about the class from friends, past participants, or online.

  1. How do I join the online class?

Once you are registered, I will send you an invitation to join the group on, along with information on logging on, etc.

  1. Do  I need a camera for the class?

Yes, you will need a phone camera or laptop webcam. In the class we will all be together live online via Zoom, and will see each other.

  1. Will I have to talk about my specific situation/share personal information with the class/group?  

No! This is an interactive class, but I don’t pry into parents’ specific situations…no one is required to share anything they aren’t comfortable with.

  1. Can my children attend the class?  

No, it is for enrolled adults only. The class is about children, but we will be discussing some adult issues in the class; it will be important for children not to be within earshot of our work.

  1. Do you sell or give my information to anyone?

No, I do not share, give, rent or sell parents’ information to anyone. I may send follow-up emails with relevant info to parents periodically, but no one else receives your information.

  1. What if I prefer to work individually, or need additional support for dealing with my specific situation?

In addition to the group class, I also provide one-on-one coaching. Specific concerns/needs can be addressed with one or both parents privately, online.

Still have questions? Please contact me directly with your questions or concerns.